More and more companies are choosing to rent from FONTY- the GOLD standard in MHE rental

With a complete range of rental plans to chose from, greater flexibility in handling operational peaks and troughs, and predictable costs, rental makes both commercial and financial sense. Rental from FONTY allows you to deal directly with us, your service provider- who understand the equipment and your needs.


Flexible Rental Options

FONTY offers rental and lease options to provide a long-term solution to your material handling needs along with flexible short-term options to customize your fleet as per your changing operational needs:


FONTY Flexible Rental Cost effective solution for managing medium to long term. Gives you the ability to change your fleet as your requirements change and spread the increase in cost over the life of the contract to protect your cash flow. Full Service Commitment A full service rental plan allows you to predict and manage the monthly cost of your fleet, by providing clear all-inclusive costs for your equipment. It includes planned maintenance, emergency cover, parts and labour.
FONTY Stand-by Rental This NEW plan allows you to respond quickly to short-term changes in your materials handling needs. Customers pay a small standing charge to have a truck available on their site 24/7, however, only pay rental charges for the hours the truck is in use. Buy-Back and Re-Rent Provides a way of releasing capital into your business. You receive a capital sum for your existing fleet depending on the make or model and enter into a rental agreement with FONTY, This allows you to plan your total fleet costs in the future.